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  1. Hey, everyone. I am selling a website operating in the rubbish removal and waste management niche in London, United Kingdom. The site itself is not bringing any revenue with it, you must have an established business or an idea of starting one. It is Wordpress based, has a wonderful design and  it is optimized pretty well, as you can see here.  Also, it has a traffic of about 30-50 visitors per day and ranks great in the UK search engines with keywords like the ones below: Rubbish Removal Alperton, Waste Management Highbury, Waste Disposal Kingston, Trash Clearance Lambeth, Waste Clearance Paddington. For more details and an offer, PM me.  
  2. Hi all, I have rubbish removal website - Ben and Jerry for sale. The website already has good organic traffic (coming mostly from The niche: Waste Disposal, House Clearance & Rubbish Removal. If you think to start rubbish removal business Ben and Jerry is ideal for you. Top keywords: House Clearance Archway, House Clearance Homerton, House Clearance Hampton Hill, Junk Removal South Lambeth, Rubbish Removal Borough Price: negotiable If you're interested please send me your offers on PM.