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  1. Dear Members Yes it s tempting to post your links with evil intention of improving your backlinks for SEO, but no we don't allow that except when a URL is necessary as a reference. So please refrain from this temptation and enjoy quality posts and suggestions related to SEO. Thank you
  2. Hello and welcome to our forum. New members, please take a moment to introduce themselves and tell us a bit about them and why they selected to join us. Any suggestions are always welcome.  If you are going to start an introduction thread, please make it worthwhile for other to read. Please don't limit the description to "Hello There", "I am new here", etc... Make it a bit more interesting for others to read. Tell us about yourself, your interests, your expectations from this community and just about anything that could interest others.  We hope you enjoy our community and we hope that we are able to meet your expectations in this forum and wish you have a long term relationship with the community on this forum. All the very best.